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Identifying make of mixer tap...?


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Would someone be kind enough to assist me in identifying the manufacturer of the mixer taps fitted in our

'08 Chausson Allegro 83 please..?

The filter/gauze in one tap has split and I'm looking for spares...

I'll try and load a couple of photos(.. I didn't have much luck last time I tried,for some reason...so here goes....)


Yay!..it worked..GO ME!! (lol)





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......yeah, but I still think it's a Reich.


Have a look at this instead - the spout looks longer from the picture, but I suspect that's just a matter of perspective in your photo.




....if it is this one, then I suspect the part you want is listed below (though, without a picture, I'd 'phone and check).




I'll up the ante:


Reich Charisma (short spout version, without microswitch).


(Under Shower Taps(!), on the Reich site, but the dimensions are there so it should provide a reasonable check).

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