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FIAMMA Turbo-Vent P3- access to clean


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If you have one of the above fans installed in your van, how do you remove the circular/transparent grill to clean the fan and grille?


Ours is mounted over the "galley kitchen" and is starting to look a little grubby/greasy. It looks as though there are about a dozen "plastic pin" type fixings, but I'm fearful that if I try to lever them out I'll break the grille.


The alternative appears to be the removal of the whole of the internal plastic surround, which may be easy, but may turn into a bigger job than I need!


If you have one of these I'd appreciate any advice; tried Fiamma download site but not very helpful,


alan b

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Looks like I "jumped the gun"


One of those emails that doesn't appear in your "sent" box, so you doubt it went, but AGENT FIAMMA replied........................


" Dear Mr Bell, Thank you for your messages.


Unfortunately there is no maintenance guide book to refer to.


It is not as easily as it should be to remove the grill for cleaning. You will need to undo the self threadding screws that secure the entire inner frame and remove it from the ceiling. Be careful when lifting it down, you will have to disconnected the power source. We wouldn't advise using water in case it finds its way onto the electronic components, instead use a semi-hard brush. If you do you use a cleaning solution to remove cooking grease etc, put it onto the cloth first before applying. You could carefully cover the electronics, just in case of spills/


Hope this goes some way to helping.


Kind regards "


Think he's right; should be easier; maybe one reason why it's discontinued!!


alan b

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