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finding the catalyitic convertor


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hi all, this will probably sound thick :-D

but after talk of cat thefts i thought i'd have a look under the van to see what can be done to secure it better from thieves *-) so apart from the rear silencer i was confronted by this enormous bulging bit with a pipe running out of it back to the front somewhere...surely this cant be the cat (!) (a bit of googling and i think it might be a diesel particle exhaust filter) but am not at all sure :-S can any one confirm?

had a bit of a sufttie further towards the engine and found a smaller silver coloured bulge wrapped in mesh is this it (?)

feel free to mock :-D ive broad shoulders


ps im a biggish bloke and found it blooming easy to get underneath, so no doubt the tea leafs do as well, with there angle grinders :'(

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Actually they are so stupid that we have even had exhausts nicked off vans that don't have cats!


This will not stop until scrap dealers stop paying cash!


When they have to pay into a bank account and have to photograph the seller with their offering, this crime and countless others will stop over night.


Such a simple solution but so difficult for the powers that be to act on it. Perhaps the Insurance firms could lobby for it?



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Thanks chaps..thats what i thought it was DPF...will look further up towards engine for said cat *-) the DPF £800 ish 8-) might alarm the system anyway so the toerags at least get a shock and smack there heads :-> :-> :->

they that thick like nick says they see big lump of exhaust and think £ and hopefully they are rolling schemes out now with the scrap dealers which will take off nationwise and stop metal theft :-D


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