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Bessacarr E465 front roof decal


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I've looked at a few on-line adverts for Bessacarr E465s and I'm assuming that the decal you refer to is the one on the very front edge of the overcab section that says (I think) "BESSACARR".


Assuming the decal is just the usual self-adhesive variety, as far as I can see you've got four logical options:


1. Remove the original decal and not bother to replace it. (Though this might well leave a 'ghost' of the decal on the bodywork.)


2. Obtain a genuine Bessacarr decal, which you are unlikely to get from other than a Swift/Bessacarr dealership.


3. Have a copy of the original decal made. Plenty of companies have the capability to do this, though you might find that the cost is little or no cheaper than the £40 you've been quoted. GOOGLE on "motorhome decals" or "vehicle graphics" or "sign makers", or you may find a sign-making company near you advertising in the local press or in Yellow Pages.


4. Contact Swift and say how sad you are about the original decal being poorly made, as it now spoils the appearance of your Bessacarr motorhome (that you otherwise adore) and can they let you have a free replacement. (Probably won't work, but might be worth trying!)

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