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trigana tribute.550


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There are an owner's comments on a 2007 Trigano Tribute 550 here




and photos of a 2008 example here




I believe you have a 2004 Nu Venture Sorrento. Which Motorcaravan gave this model's dimensions as 4.83m long, 2.72m high and 1.98 wide. WM gave the size of a (2007) Tribute 550 as 5.41m long, 2.68m high and 2.05 wide, so lack of storage should not be an issue.


The Trigano Tribute represented excellent value for money (though the standard specification was reduced on later models to keep the price down), but you should expect to see some minor evidence of economy being put before quality (say, in the furnishing materials used.) What more can one say - it's a mass-production Fiat Ducato X250-based panel-van conversion.


There's a dedicated forum for Trigano Tributes if you really want in-depth information and advice



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Thanks Derick,thats just the information I needed,regarding the storage my Sorrento is higher and has two rows of overhead cuboards (aircraft style) compared with one in the tribute.Also the locker over the cab is much bigger with better access. thanks again.


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