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Fuel price diffrences


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tonyfletcher - 2012-08-30 3:07 PM


Having just spent a couple of weeks in North Yorkshire I have come across variances in diesel prices of 10p per litre - thats over 45p a gallon in old money - The distance between the petrol stations wasn't vast.


Is it not now time for a cap in prices??


Not surprised your post has received over eighty views........yet no replies.


Complacency and resignation is the reason. British have always meekly rolled over and done what The State dictates to them.


They won't ever cap fuel prices because UK Gov want to keep them as high as possible so when they do drop a penny or so, the nation rejoices and thinks "so Dave really is our good friend after all" (notice how prices sometimes drop just before a Budget or Election?). Then folk make a pilgrimage to the local Station to 'tank up' thinking they've had a bargain.


When I was in Poland I asked a few locals about their road tax etc. They don't pay any at all. It's charged at the pump. And I was paying around £1.05 a litre for Diesel there which incidentally, unlike UK, is priced lower than Petrol.


Insurance is cheap too. One guy I spoke to was towing a Caravan with a Renault Scenic which cost just €100 a year (£79).



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