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There's a large file (Repair instructions for all Thetford Sanitation products) that you can download from here




I you look at the 6th page, you'll see a reference to a 3 Amp blade fuse. As far as I'm aware all electric-flush Thetford toilets (whatever the model) have one of these fuses, though its exact location within the toilet-cassette locker may vary.


Remove the toilet-cassette from the locker and have a good look inside the locker. The fuse may be towards the front of the locker and fairly obvious or (with older model toilets as shown in the 6th page photos) up in the 'roof' of the locker and far less apparent.

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zak2442 - 2012-08-30 9:53 PM


Hi Guys,Could anyone help me out,my Thetford cassette toilet refuses to flush i have checked all the fuses that i can find and all ok,also all the wires seem to be where they should be.


The switch failed recently on mine. In my case it was sticking in the 'on' position and I had to switch off the Pump at the Control Panel.


Depending on the model of van, the switch can be easy to get at, or not as in my case. I got a replacement unit from Leisure Shop Direct for not much money.

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zak2442 - 2012-08-31 7:50 PM


Tanks for all the help guys,the model of loo is a Thetford c-200 s/cs if that means anything to anyone and yes i can get at fuse easily and that was the first thing i checked.


There are 4 versions of the Thetford C-200 toilet and I described these in this earlier forum thread




If you have a Thetford C-200S, or a C-200CS, then the water for flushing comes from the motorhome's main fresh-water tank and wiil be delivered to the toilet by the motorhome's fresh-water pump. A C-200S, or C-200CS, has no integrated water-reservoir and (unlike the C-200CWE) no integrated water pump.


Assuming that you have confirmed that your motorhome'a fresh-water pump is working OK (ie. that the pump is delivering water to the sink/wash-basin/shower as normal and it's only the toilet flushing that's a problem) there seem to be two logical possibilities


1. When the 'flush button' on the toilet's control-panel is pressed, it is failing to trigger the fresh-water pump.


2. There's a problem with the toilet's electric solenoid-valve assembly.


You can access a schematic of the C-200CS from here




and the following webpage provides good photos of the control-panel flush-switch and the solenoid-valve (with repair instructions for the latter)




If you are lucky it will be the switch!


If you haven't already done so, I suggest you confirm there actually is 12V power at the toilet's 3A fuse-way. If there is, then remove the control-panel and check for 12V power there and that the switch is working OK. If none of those checks show anything untoward, then I guees that leaves the solenoid-valve (or its wiring) as the prime suspect.

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