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Yes, well nearly that. We've just been to Moscow via Kaliningrad, Lithuania and Belarus then back to Latvia and Estonia.


See details here: http://www.theworldisourlobster.com/The_World_Is_Our_Lobster/Latest/Entries/2012/6/8_127_Russia_-_Moscow.html


We were going to enter Estonia from Russia but by the time we got to Novgorod we really had had enough of Russia so we exited to Latvia.That probably answers your last question too!


Visas were expensive but easy to get using the Real Russia visa service see here: http://www.realrussia.co.uk/


If you do go via Estonia I guess you'd want to go to St Petersburg, if so there is a new "Aire" called Baltic Parking in the town of Strelna near Peterhof which saves you the nightmare of driving in St Petersburg.


An alternative would be to do a visa free cruise to St Petersburg from Helsinki. Adam and Sophie from Europe by Camper did that and you can see details here: http://www.europebycamper.com/2011/06/st-petersburg-russia.html


Sorry if that's too many links in one post!






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hi chris, sorry for the delay, (family probs) many thanks for the info, we feel more inclinde to give it a go now, with a bit more research!. IF anyone has any tips to pass on we would be very grateful, our plan is to start this trip june 2013


regards pam&col

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