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LPG stations in Spain


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Unless I've missed something, there's nothing that I can see on that website that gives any info at all on locations in Spain where motor-homes or cars can fill up with LPG.


It seems just to be the website for the association of LPG producers in Spain, for industrial, domestic and vehicle use.

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A website that claims to show all LPG fuel stations across Spain and Portugal, and which says it is regularly updated, is here:







LPG in Spanish is "Gas Propano liquido", or "GPL" for short.

So, you need to click on the "GPL" logo button ( top right hand side of the screen, about the 4th button from the left), then click, in the panel on the left side of the screen, to choose "Spain" or "Portugal".


Then, once the map pins are showing individual locations in that country show up, you can click on any map pin to get the exact sat-nav co-ordinates and address.



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Whilst my map is not the bible of all LPG stations in Spain it is 100% correct for people looking for LPG, it's all about the quality of information not the quantity...

All of the maps on www.fulltiming.org are locations recommended from motorhome users who travel to these countries on a regular basis, and the information is giving freely and precisely to help other motorhome users travelling in the various countries we show on our maps.

You can visit www.fulltiming.org and comment freely on any of the locations we show, you can also review and add any discrepancies/views/updates/opinions in real time which is in full view to all users on the website, you can even view the LPG stations on Google’s streetview (where available) I do not think the most of the Spanish websites allow you this option?

Please visit all the websites you like to gather all the information you want but please do not make assumptions that one website is better than another because they have more locations.

Thank you for your understanding,


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