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Mobiltech Isat satellite dish


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Hi all,

I can find sites online selling this system at approx 650 pounds but i have not been able to find a review of any kind.

I wonder if the reason may be that this system is new.

If any one can let me have any info i would be very grateful. This would be used mainly in UK and Ireland [mainly Scotland]

Thanks, Jim

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I have one which we use on our motorhome and at our exhibition trailer when at shows and so far it has been faultless. Eddie's comment regarding the centre coaxial cable being difficult to disengage is true but easily overcome by fitting aa short coax with F connectors at each end then using a male/male F coupler to connect the flying coax. Yes it does cover a larger area than its closed state suggests but s it will rarely open up to "flat on its back" it really isn't an issue and besides, it still takes up less roof space than any of the more common auto dishes, even a dome. We haven't used it extensively arround the UK and we haven't been abroad with it but where we have been it has picked up Astra 2 in a couple of minutes. Current draw is tiny, even when searching and once locked on it takes no measurable power, well not measurable without a very expensive and accurate meter.


I can't quote what its reception range will be for UK channels but it should in theory be roughly equal to the Zehnder Multimo dish so you should get the main UK channels just about all over UK including Ireland and Scotland plus Belgium, Holland, Northern and central France and about a third of the way east of the french german border. This is a best guess so don't shoot me if it doesn't quite cover the quoted areas.


hope this helps, D.

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