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Craziest mod to a vehicle

George Collings

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Following on from the thread in Mototome matters- EU to ban modification to cars.


Lets have a few crazy mods or stupid use of a vehicle anyone has seen.


Here are a few I have seen inthe last 50 odd years.


A 105e Anglia with rusted out rear spring shackles that had been repaired by bolting in reinforcement made from an old aluminium VRM plate. Strange to relate that broke and the back axle took over the steering. The car fell off the road.


A pair of ex Jaguar wide wheels on the rear axle while the front was standard size. Oh yes I did say front not fronts. It was a Reliant three wheeler.


A car with four passenger and aload of camping gear towing a trailer with a 18 ft cabin sailing boat. yet another Reliant three wheeler.


Yet another tugger with a Morris 1000 dragging a two wheeled unbraked trailer carrying a Austin A55 van. Good rocker. Start braking at John O Groats and with a bit of luck it might not fall off Lands End.


Back in the 70s it was fashionable to jack up the rear of cars to make them look like a dragster. This was usually done with longer rear shackles. On dragsters it raised the centre of gravity improving wight tranfer onto the rear driving wheels. On a road car the reverse happened .weight came off the back wheels under braking resulting in a rear wheel skid ,the car broadsiding with the driver having to cope with a body flopping about on the long shackles.


Nowadays its mostly stupid body kits that are so low they get ripped off by kerbs or protruding manhole covers.


Bikes with next to no silencers are downright anti social. saw a BMW boxer recently horribly hacked into a cafe racer with straight pipes with no silencer. Sounded awful as well as plain noisey.



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One of my sons friends came round with an Escort that had sounded OK when I first saw it but on this occaision sounded really rough and tappety. But all the plonker wanted to show us was the new radio and boom box he had installed - not my cup of tea at all and so i was distinctly unimpressed.


We said lets have a look at the engine because it sounded terrible!


Checked the dipstick (the one in the engine bay - not the driver) and not a drop of oil on it. The only oil we had was old oil from my vehicle that I had not yet dispossed off. So in desperation we put that in up to the level mark.


Instantly the engine sounded better - but the plonker had never checked the engine at all and was more interested in silly modifications and boom boxes rather than spending money on the basics


What a plonker


We end up having draconian laws like this one because of idiots like this.

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