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Bailey Ranger S6 GT60 460/2 seat support Failings!


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Check your brown plastic bed runner which also supports the seating lats. The lats rest on a hollow section of the brown plastic form and if left, will develop a crack. If this happens, the lats furthest away from the front rise.

Both sides of my van were split and to repair, all I did was place wooden packing pieces at intervals along the bed support length. I then stapled through the plastic into the packing to avoid movement. (lol)

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Looking at the website referred to in your profile, it seems that your interests are oriented more towards caravans than motorhomes.


Your posting of 10 September ("Canvas Tension!") will be helpful to those motorcaravanners whose vehicles have awnings, but this Bailey Ranger bed-related warning would have been better posted to the Caravan Chat forum as it deals with a potential problem with a specific make/model of caravan, but won't be relevant to motorhomes.


You might want to post a copy of your Bailey Ranger posting to the Caravan Chat forum as that forum's participants will value in your advice.

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awninghandyman - 2012-09-18 3:59 PM


I have just reviewed both of my postings in the Tips & Hints and also in Caravans. Although you pointed out that my original was posted in the wrong section, the viewing in the Hints & Tips reads 137 & 98 whereas the Caravan section only reads 48 & 32 views.

Isn't life strange? (?)


Some history....


This website was born in the late-1990s and the forum section originally targeted only subscribers to Warners' MMM (Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly) magazine. This restriction was soon relaxed so that all MMM readers could take part. The original 'motorhomes-only' forum was pretty simple and, in 2005, there was a radical revision to something close to the present forum arrangement, with multiple forums roughly equating to the outdoor-leisure-oriented magazines published by Warners.




The forums remained free to join and use and no restrictions were imposed on who might participate on them. However, by 2005 there were well-established forums for caravanners (eg. http://www.caravantalk.co.uk/ ) and no particular incentive for members of those forums to join this one.


I've no idea how many participants there are on the Out&AboutLive forums, but it won't be a vast horde. Of those people, there's no doubt that motorhome owners form the majority, as will be evident from the overall forum statistics. There will be some cross-fertilisation between forums, with people who normally participate on, say, the motorhome forums occasionally looking/commenting on, say, the caravan forum (and vice versa).


In your case, having initially posted to the motorhome Hints & Tips forum, you may have picked up 'Views' there from caravanners as well as motorhomers, but, when you copied the postings to the Caravan Chat forum, you would be much less likely to attract 'views' from motorhomers, while the caravanners who read your Hints & Tips postings won't feel a need to re-read them.


So it ain't really that strange that you got less views on the 'right' forum than on the 'wrong' one. ;-)

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