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Purchased a French gas bottle today

Zydeco Joe

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On our first real trip to Brittany,France in our 2005 Autotrail Tracker EKS-SE after just a few weeks of owning her.The dealer gave us as part of the deal a used red Calor 6k bottle but we had no idea of how much gas was in the bottle and as we plan on getting over here to France on a regular basis took the risk of running out. Well after just 12 days use it did run out of gas.We thought this would happen and had made the decision to get ourselves a French bottle so that in the future we would not have problems getting a refill as we knew that you cannot get Calor over on the continent.

It ran out yesterday so today we drove to Quimper and called into a Camping Car dealer called "Masters" after first speaking to other campers who all just like on the net give conflicting answers to the problem of getting gas in France.Well this is how it worked out for us.

Had to buy a new pipe a P30 70cm long to fit from our Truma regulator to fit the new La Cube bottle regulator,this new regulator fits on top of the new cylinder which you just have to hold in a button and push on the cylinder then just turn the gas on and all is ok.

Got the lightweight square La Cube from Carrefour for 46.50 euros this is made up of 29 for the contract and 17.50 for the gas.The man at the fuel station at Carrefour told us that they have in September a offer of a free regulator (Clip Propane) for taking out a contract for La Cube Propane/Butane or Viseo butane, nice. Shame I had paid Masters 17.90 for one in hindsight I should have got the bottle first but I did not........

Paid 20.90 euros for the new pipe.

We now have the ability while traveling all over France to just call into any large supermarket or local filling station that sells Butagas/La Cube and exchange our empty for a full one and in just a few minutes change back while at home in the UK or for that matter any other country go back to using Calor,simples....

Hope this helps anyone going to France and are looking to get a French bottle.

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