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Shurflow water pump


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I think our Shurflow water pump is on it's last knockings. It has become noisy and when the taps are on the water flows with intermittent pauses. It is not an airlock before you tell me it is.

I think you can get a repair kit for these pumps so has anyone any experience of using these.

It is a 2095-204-112 but I think they have updated this part.


Thanks for any help.

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You can obtain repair-kits for ShurFlo pumps




I just wonder if the symptoms you've described mean your pump is on its last legs. Presumably you've checked that the filiter is clean, and tried altering the setting of the pressure-switch to see if that does any good?


If you opt for the repair-kit approach, you'll need to diagnose accurately the cause of the present water-flow problem. Get that wrong and there's every likelihood you'll choose a kit that won't offer a cure. If that happens and you have to get a 2nd kit, then the overall cost may approach that of a brand-new replacement ShurFlo pump.

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This website may be useful for anyone having problems with a SHURflo pump:




The "Education Centre" section contains FAQs and downloadable Product Manuals. The latter may not be specific to the pump a forum member's motorhome has, but the advice regarding installation and trouble-shooting will apply to all SHURflo pumps.

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JamesFrance - 2012-09-16 7:24 PM


If you look under accessories on Derek's link you can see an accumulator tank which could be fitted to even out the pressure and cut out most of the pump noise of a shurflow pump. A good installation would have one fitted unless a hot water cylinder is installed to do the same.


Few motorcaravan manufacturers will include an 'accumulator tank' or 'surge damper' in a motorhome's water system to minimise the noise and irregular water-delivery of a pressure-sensitive water pump. There's a cost issue and the bulk of an effective accumulator tank may well complicate installation.


The suggestion that a hot water cylinder will act as an alternative to an accumulator/surge-damper is misplaced. An accumulator tank/surge-damper needs to be positioned as close to the water pump's outlet as practicable, where it can 'damp' all water being pumped to both cold and hot taps. A hot water cylinder will be positioned in the motorhome's water system on the water pump's outlet side, but after the pipework has separated into hot and cold branches. So a hot water cylinder MAY have some effect on evening out a pump's flow and reducing its noise, but only if hot water alone is being delivered to a tap. If cold water alone is being delivered to a tap, the hot water cylinder will have no effect on noise/delivery.


My experience is that, if a motorhome's water system has been designed and installed with a modicum of care and following the recommendations given in the SHURflo instructions, there should be no great need for an accumulator tank or damper. If a SHURflo pump is making a real racket, either the water system's design/installation seriously conflicts with SHURflo's advice, or there's something wrong with the pump itself. Adding an accumulator tank or surge-damper may improve matters somewhat, but the underlying problem will remain. A properly designed/installed water system using a SHURflo pump should not NEED an accumulator tank/surge-damper (though including one should improve the system's overall performance). If there's a basic fault with the system/pump, then that fault needs addressing first, before adding an accumulator/damper in the hope that this will provide a solution.

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