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Ducato cab seats


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I fitted new (almost) seats to my 2002 Swift Mondial which is based on a Ducato 10 MWB and they dropped straight on. Four bolts. The problem was/is that you have to slide the seats back and forth to get access to the nuts. Nothing that a few skinned knuckles won't cure.
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Aguti and Isringhausen seats used to be fitted to Ducato-based motorhomes of that era, but I don't know if those seats fitted directly on to the Fiat seat-pedestals or whether adapters were required. (Probably the latter, I suspect.)


You might want to ask TEK Seating for advice as they market Recaro seats, are motorhome literate, and may know what will fit easily on to a 2000 Ducato.




As I'm sure you are aware, transferring seats from one make/model of vehicle to another may be far from straightforward. I fitted Recaro-made seats to a Toyota Corolla GTi and it was a helluva job. There is advice here




but I chose to construct complete mounting frames myself, which (with hindsight) was not the wisest of moves!


I'm surprised mikejkay was able to fit different seats to his Mondial so easily, as there's no reason to expect a seat from, say, a Golf or Ford (or even from another Fiat) to have mounting-bolt holes that match the Ducato originals.


It's a fair question, but your best bet would probably be to ask it (if you haven't already) on the Fiat forum.





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