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Ducato front suspension


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Can anybody point me in the direction of a supplier where i can purchase uprated front springs for a ducato coachbuilt (swift Kontiki), i would like to raise the front ride height by approx 50mm if possible.


I have done the obvious searches on google etc with general suspension companies but with no luck.


Thank you all in advance.

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....the normal "off the peg" route is Goldschmitt springs, from Germany.




For self-fitting, I believe they will supply from Germany (base cost appears to be €469 -details in the downloadable catalogue), or you could try




....for supply and fit (or ask if they would arrange supply only).

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You might also try this company




I'm sure I remember an article (possibly by John Wickersham) about replacing Ducato front struts/springs with 'better' units, but I don't think this involved fitting stronger front springs.


You'll need to be careful what you fit as, if the replacement springs are strong enough to give 50mm of 'lift', you may end up with a serious mismatch between spring and damper rates that could negatively affect road holding and handling. Stronger springs would certainly affect your motorhome's ride quality, though whether this would be for the better or worse would depend on what it's like at present.


It's stating the obvious, but vehicle coil springs need treating with considerable caution!!

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