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Travel to Sicily


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We are planning to travel to Sicily next year and to avoid motorways as much as possible to reduce the cost. A couple of route planner sites have a route through Belgium, Germany, Austria and entering Italy via the Brenner Pass (old), Ravenna, down to join the motorway just north of Rome and leave just south of Naples (pay) then free motorway (I hear it is not in good condition) to Reggio Calabria.


I have posted another thread on the technical side to determine what our unladen weight is for speed limits but would also welcome some advice on getting through Austria without using the motorways (and vignette or GoBox?) - presumably this is possible?


Many thanks


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Guest JudgeMental

Route sounds fine. we go Lille/Namur/Luxenbourg(cheap fuel)/Germany/Austria to Italy and are just back.


I always use motorways in Italy as they are cheap. But Italian roads deteriorate dramatically as you head south. Italy the most expensive fuel in Europe and many who visit Sicily get ferry from Genoa etc.....


lots of stuff on this using forum "search" facility on top bar


Get to Fussen and over Fern pass and turn your sat nag to "avoid toll" will add a little time to journey but if over 3500kg probably worth it. Brian Kirby knows this route well... I'm under 3500 so happy to pay the 8€ vignette. drop him a PM If he does not see this....


Have not been there yet but would like to try it one winter.....Criminal to miss Tuscany if you have not been mind :-D

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Have driven quite a bit in southern Italy and Sicily, not in m/h but hire car.

Last year once out of Naples m'way went downhill with loads of roadworks and single lane. Also fuel was quite expensive. Well worth the drive as Calabria is fantastic and unspoilt.

We didn't have to book the ferry between Mesina and Regio and it was good value.


Driving across Sicily was fine, but Mesina and Palermo was quite challenging.


Good luck with your trip.



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Been as far down Italy as Pompei, advise you to stick to motorways in Italy other roads can be VERY bad.

Do not wear gold in Naples or your holiday may take an unexpected turn.

Do the Amalfi run if at all posible, fantastic.

Beautiful country

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