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Windscreen Repairs


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Following a nasty stone chip about 15mm wide well out of the drivers or passengers line of vision and towards the centre bottom of the windscreen Autoglass refused to repair it and instead wanted my £75 excess upfront towards a new windscreen.


As we were going to the Lincoln show I said no thanks - much to their amazement and obvious annoyance it must be said.


At the show was a stand labelled 'crack magic' so I stifled the smile and watched the demo.


Having been suitably impressed by how it worked, albeit in the hand of an experienced expert, I bought one of the repair kits for £9.95 being half price from the 'usual' price of £19.95.


Following the instructions to the letter, no mean feat for a dedicated bodger like me, I carried out the repair and low and behold it is almost as good as Autoglass would probably have done, having seen their work before, and almost invisible unless you get very close.


So the kit works, it was reasonably priced and it saved me £65 - which almost paid for the weekend!


When I emailed the company to comment that their instructions were contradictory about the quantity of resin to use they checked, replied and said that I was right and that nobody had ever noticed before.


They said they would correct their instructions and offered to send me a free kit by way of a thank you. I naturally agreed to their generosity and thanked them for their service.


All in all a good result and a worthwhile kit to have especially for A class owners with their huge, expensive and often hard to source windscreens.

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These kits work extremely well as you have found, the sooner you do the repair the better and at all costs do not let a chip/cracks get wet. Always cover with thick waterproof tape and get repaired asap.

The last thing you want is moisture and dirt getting into the cracks.


When you suck out the air with the syringe, do it slowly and then hold it for a long time to make sure any trapped air or moisture in the cracks through to the laminate get out. Even releasing suction and repeating a second time before letting the resin get sucked in.

Really quite easy as you say Tracker..and very satisfying when complete.



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I recently had a Windscreen repair done by Auto Glass who tried to charge me an excess on the repair, I queried this with my Insurance  [ Comfort ] who said NO EXCESS , so I refused to pay the Repairer after the repair was done,at my home, he was not too bothered as he was  just the technician doing the job and was not interested in admin. after a lot of hassle with Auto Glass  it was determined that there was in fact NO excess on  repairs when Insured with Comfort, BUT there is  with some Companies, Beware. Auto Glass did apologise later.
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