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Tyre Types and pressures


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It's good to see that the debate is so sensible regarding tyres, with the emphasis on safety and ride.

My experience might help, we needed new tyres, we were about to do a round Australia trip. The tyre dealers best effort was wait 3 months for Michelin and don't know for Continental. Like a fool I mentioned this to the people who do the truck service. "No worries we always fit Federals and they have never ever been a problem". So, took their advice and the trip to the Eastern states was terrifying. We threw them away in Canberra and then drove through floods and storms in safety. Please learn from our mistake, never use white van cheapies,pay up and smile! It could be your life. We are on Continentals with a Fiat X250 at just under 4 tonnes,70 psi seems good.From frost overnight to days over 40C,and safe.

On the other hand if you've always wondered what playing pinball on a destroyer is like!

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