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lounge window blind


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How you might repair your motorhome's blind mechanism will depend on the make/model of blind you've got. I'd guess that Auto-Sleepers fit Dometic/Seitz windows, but there are several different types. Auto-Sleepers has also used the name "Executive" repeatedly over the years for motorhomes based on different chassis, leaving the possibility that, even if your damaged window is Seitz-branded, the model of window may differ according to your motorhome's year of manufacture.


These links refer to websites carrying information about Seitz windows






and it appears that both S5 and S6 windows include a cord mechanism.


This is an earler forum thread that may have relevance




as it describes the basic method involved in accessing the blind mechanism of two-part Seitz windows. Assuming that's what you've got, if you can remove the inner part of the window you should be able to replace the cord.



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