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Insurance for towed car


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How do people insure their towed car when off in Europe for an extended period?

I have my van insured with Safeguard but when I came to insure my tow car I couldn't use the no-claims I'd built up (last time I made a claim was over 10 years ago) for the car as I'd used it for the motorhome.

I want to be covered for more than 90 days and so far have only found Saga will do this, but the premium was hefty.

Has anyone managed to find a good cheap solution, or should I just bite the bullet and pay through the nose for Saga's policy?

I want insure a Mazda MX5 Eunos which is20 years old & worth about £1500.

Well - a pensioners got to have a little fun!

Any views much appreciated.



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Couple of suggestions. from my experience of "A" framing in Europe:-


1) With a car of the age you have, basic insurance should be available relatively cheap on the Internet. eg; I got cover (see below) for £125-00pa for a 1998 1,2L Fiat Punto.


2) I got a "New Driver" discount for my wife, with "second driver" cover for me. (they will ask who is the main/regular driver, what you tell them is up to you!!). because when you think about it whether or not the "regular" driver is Actually Driving if the worst happens, is immaterial . Be sure to tell your Motor van Insurer that you are towing. The NFU who insured my R-V`s for 12 years almost, gave me written cover to tow "using an "A" frame device"..



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