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Northern France in November?


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I am thinking of a short break, about 5 days, in November, including a 1-2 night stop in Paris. Will probably stay in the ACSI Campsite “Paris Est” in Champigny-sur-Marne for visiting Paris.


I want to find some other sites not too far from our route between Calais & Paris eg in Picardie, Upper Normandy etc.


Ideally a site or an Aire close enough to be able to walk into town & have a meal or a drink. A riverside town would be ideal. It can’t be south of Paris as we wont have enough time.


Anyone know of any little gems please?


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Parc des Cygnes in Amiens on Ave des Cygne is a nice quiet campsite with easy access to the city.

There is an Aire next to the lake in town off Rue Massey a short walk from the cathedral.


Camping Paris on the Seine at Suresnes is great for a stay in Paris.

There are shuttle buses from the camp ground to Pont Malliot and back all day.

Or the light rail just across the bridge that links up with the train to Versailles



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Brian, Paul, Iain ....... Many thanks


We have stayed at Montreuil sur Mer before and love it. Berny-Rivière is a possibilty & Parc des Cygnes is also a possibility which we will look at.


Great stuff as it's not easy at this time of year in this area.


Many thanks


Jeremy & Angela

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