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For several personal reasons we have been unable to tour much at all this year but with things improving, and as a member of both the Caravan Club and the C.C Club, we would like to get away for a while. Could anyone recommend a CL or CS that is within a town or village or within short walking distance with hardstandings available. Oh yes, must accept dogs, Adults only would be nice but not imperative and within 150 miles of East Yorkshire! B-) :-D
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Hawcara - 2012-10-06 6:58 PM


Don't really know the area that well, but we had an enjoyable time at the CL at Durham Rowing Club, short walk into Durham, some hardstandings, showers and electric.

I may be miles out, but hope this gives you an idea :-D

Thanks Hawcara I'll check it out. Sounds ok to me.

B-) ;-)
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This is one of our favorite C/Ls


In the town of Newport,near Telford.


Just about within your 150mile limit


About a 10minute walk into the centre of a small old style town,everything there that you need

Easy,cheap bus service into Telford and the Ironbridge gorge area.

Bit of interest about the town with some nice walks



Open all year and thro it is grass the man who runs the place reckons the ground is rock hard and never any problem for motorhomes


they have not listened to the marketing men at the caravan club and the nighly fee's have not gone up to silly amounts £12.50 a night with electric



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