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Smart Roadster


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We bought one brand new in 2004, and only kept it one year. As you say, leaked badly via the (never working...) electric top, which had to be changed and still didn't work properly.


Other than that, great little car, fun to drive...but fatally flawed in design. We lost a fortune selling it. Exactly the same happened to a friend who bought one at the same time, however, he had so much trouble with the leaks and many, many other fauilts, the dealer gave him a near-complete refund.


We now have a Toyota iQ...great little car, not at all fast, but does mid-40s to mid 50s mpg, 20 quid A YEAR tax, loads of legroom (im 6foot tall) and good fun.

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Hi Bolly


When we had a chap down to programme a new key for our Smart For Two which we got recently (it only came with one), hubby had a chat to him and he said he wouldn't touch a Roadster due to all the problems they have, leaking, gearbox etc - more a novelty than a really 'reliable' car. As he specialises in Smarts he knows his stuff - he has three of the earlier Smart ForTwo models (cabriolet, sunroof and solid roof models). If you decide to look at a Smart For Two he said to stick with the earlier models, ie not those with the Mitsubishi engine which came in to production sometime in 2007, and especially the MHD type (micro hybrid drive) as basically it 'stops' the engine when you are stationary and to put it into reverse you have to put your foot on the brake pedal ... we know someone who nearly got squashed by an artic as he forgot to put his foot on the brake pedal to be able to reverse out of it's way!!!




We only got our Smart For Two recently, the last of the 698cc ones and it's brilliant! You might want to consider one of these but ideally one that has NOT been towed.


If you want a small sports car, you could look at the Suzuki Cappuccino, our friend had one from new and it was an absolute hoot!





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Thanks for that. I'm still undecided about what to choose. I like the funky styling of the roadster but perhaps I had better steer clear.


I like the look of the IQ but as this will be our 6th vehicle I'm looking to spend a little less. I guess I could always have an a-frame fitted to the Peugeot 304 Cabrio - I bet they're a rare toad!

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