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Honda CR-V Recall


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Looks like the 2002 to 2006 models have a problem with water ingress that can short the power window switch.


5 cases so far out of many tens of thousands made.


Honda seem to be doing the right thing by the recall


These things happen.


It is what you do as the manufacturer to sort it that is the measure of the firm.


After the debacle of the Isuzu 3.0 litre diesel troopers that dropped their fuel injectors into the combustion chambers for a pastime and those unfortunate buyers who ended up with bits of engine rather than a working one were not best pleased to be told that as the car was out of warranty Isuzu was not going to do a thing!


The fall out from that was such that Isuzu as a brand nearly fell over.


A real shooting yourself in the foot job.


Fair play to Honda to stepping up to the problem in cars that they made that are now up to ten years old!



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