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Tin Man

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Hello All,

I am new to this forum and bid you all 'Hello'.


My van, a Burstner Aviano on a Fiat Ducato base, is just over 4 years old with 15000 miles completed. It is due for annual service this November.

I'm considering having the cambelt replaced as well. Am I being too cautious?


All comments greatfully received.





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Welcome to the madhouse John - hope you are well oiled to stop your joints from creaking!


Cambelts are also a time related service item and if the handbook says 4 years OR mileage I personally would opt for peace of mind and have it changed.


It is purely personal and many don't bother and a lot depends on where you are if it breaks as to how difficult and expensive recovery and repair might be.


Then again it may well never break?


Question is - do ya feel lucky!!

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