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Warners Fantastic offer


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Just recieved letter from warners thanking us for pre booking this years national(east of england show) remember all the problems with waterlogged/mud fields, lots of vans being towed on and off, well as a valued customer and in recognition of my support they are offering a £5 discount provided we book and pay now (ie before 30th nov), asking people to pay the full price 5 to 6 months in advance seems a bit of a cheek? or is it just me seems like a very little sprat to catch a mackerel
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Mike B. - 2012-10-23 9:04 PM


malc d - 2012-10-22 8:36 PM


................. and what was the " fantastic " offer that you mentioned ?






£5 off!! sent us same offer!





Isn't that just the interest on the loan you're giving them for the next six months ?



Still, I suppose it's as good a return as you are likely to get if you invested it anywhere else these days.





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