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Motorhome Alarm Systems


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I have always installed the Van Bitz system on any motorhomes I have owned.

Current system has notification to my mobile, and also allows me to immobilise the van, remotely.
Been very happy with the systems, however there are other members on here who will have other alarm systems, and be just as happy with their choice.
I think it is the case of you pays your money, and take your choice.

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First of all welcome to the forum.

You will find the folks on here are very knowledgeable and willing to pass that knowledge on. Take from it what you want, give what help you can and ignore what is sometimes needless bitcheness.

We have a VanBitz strikeback system on our Autotrail Tracker which is excellent and has been no trouble to us or the previous owner, that is 8 years and 44000 miles between us.

It is an alarm and GPS tracking system which does not require an annual subsription. With added benefit that you can demobilise the engine by sending a code from your mobile and you can listen to conversations going on in the van without the thieves knowing.

The only down sides are for the system  to inform you it is being attacked it requires the van to be in a mobile phone reception area and your mobile phone being switched on and in a reception area whilst you are out and about. For this reason most insurance companies would give you a 'tracker discount' for having it fitted.

(I beleive they do fit a system now that is insurance accepted) 

As an alarm system alone it works perfectly and does not create false alarms. All doors and lockers are alarmed and there is a facility to plug a lead in to alarm bikes or other equipment outside the van.

If you choose to have one fitted by a local alarm dealer, ensure they have experience of fitting them to motorhomes as there are differences to fitting them to cars, the internal motion sensor being allowed to be disabled whilst you are inside and still be protected the outer limits being one.

Vanbitz is in Somerset, you can go there and stay on there campsite whilst the fit the alarm or go to one of their agents.



We love our Autotrail Tracker, I am sure you will be the same with the Navajo

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After a lot of research and a real doubt if any local alarm specialists could competently fit an alarm in a motorhome ( and I quizzed a few) I decided to pay the extra and go for the Vanbitz option as it wasn't "just a big van innit?" Don't regret the decision at all - what is a few pounds difference compared to the value of the van? You pays your money......... Etc
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JudgeMental - 2012-10-30 10:10 PM


A fool is easily convinced and easily parted from its money by listening to BS...

You're dead right there Eddie.
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