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Campsites, Aires and Stopovers


Campsites, Aires and Stopovers  

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Guest starspirit
If you like sites join both CC & CCC and also buy an AA sites book. That way you will have them all covered but you will need deep pockets to use these sites long term. I see no point in listing sites as we all have our own vastly differing ideas of what a good site should provide ranging from just a tap and a pit in a farmyard to the all singing all dancing clubhouse and pool types. One man's meat is another man's poison? Surely the real fun of motor caravanning is discovering the good (to return to), the bad (to avoid) and the ugly (to have a laugh about later on) - or are we adventurous sorts dwindling? Many people who buy motorhomes come from touring caravans where the ethos differs in that you need a fixed base to return to and I can understand many folks having the need for certainty in that respect. We don't so why restrict yourself by pre booking? Just do it - explore - arrive - enjoy - move on.
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