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New caravan quality


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Is it wrong to expect a brand new caravan to be fault free?

Before any one says faults can.be sorted out under warranty, that is not always acceptable.

A couple of minor faults could be acceptable, but what happens when the faults are major and in one instance it could have been extremely dangerous.

To make matters worse every time it goes back to the dealers where it inevitably needs to be left for a few days results in a 200+ miles round trip.

My new pride and joy has been sat at the dealership for nearly a month waiting for the manufacturer to collect it to do a major repair and quite a few smaller ones.

By the time I get it back I will have lost the use of it for 6 weeks.

The dealer had to push for the major repair to be done as the manufacturer did not want to do the repair before next February to which I replied that I would reject the caravan if I had to wait until then.

It would be interesting to find out how many others have bought caravans that are not up to scratch.


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I am sorry to hear your new van is not up to scratch. If you feel things are getting beyond a joke then you may wish to consider a claim under the Sale of Goods Act. However, do ensure you have kept details of all your contacts, claims etc so you have a track record to justify your claim. Keep all receipts for money you have paid out as well.


You will have to make this claim against the dealer, not the manufacturer, even although it is probably his shoddy workmanship that has created the problems for you in the first place.


It may be worth discussing it with your lawyer, even paying him a fee may be advantageous if he feels you have a good claim, and it is often the case that a lawyers letter can make things happen fast.

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