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Towing cover fad or not.


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When I first saw a towing cover it was on a caravan on a cross channel ferry.

It was covered in dead bugs after a fast run from Lake Garda.

I decided I would try one myself.

Was it a good move or not.

Obviously you have to clean the front before fitting it on.

When I got my new cvan I bought a new one as there was difference in size.

I had to take the cvan back for some warrenty work and when I collected the van fitted the cover and set off for home.

I had just got onto the A1 when a lorry passed me and threw up a large stone which hit the windscreen and then hit the front of the cvan.

I pulled into the next layby and removed the cover to check what damage there was, to my surprise there was not any damage the cover had saved the van more than can be said for the windscreen which was beyond repair and was replaced.

Would I recommend towing covers,yes every time it could save you more than you think.

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