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Donna Nook Seals - pub/restaurant meal - Wifes birthday - HELP:-)


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Hi Everyone.

This Saturday I wanted to head somewhere a bit special as it is the 'other arf's' birthday. I then saw the post about the seal pups at Donna Nook.


My cunning plan is to drive there in the motorhome and either wild camp or stay at a campsite after we have seen the seals. Does anyone know of a nice pub/restaurant where we can have a meal and either not too far from a campsite or we don't mind overnighting discretely somewhere.

Could even drive south a bit, down the coast towards but not into Skeg.


Thanks for your help in advance

Kev :-)


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There are a couple of C-L C-S sites in the area. The CAMRA good beer guide (2009) shows the Black Horse Inn at Grainthorpe. but does not indicate it does meals?.


Cleethorpes is close by however So casting a search on `tinternet might trawl a couple up? I know that people Used to "overnight" on Cleethorpes seafront but knowing local authorities that could well have been banned!!!


The Wife`s Cousin lives in Cleethorpes (someone has too!!). But he is currently in Hawaii cruising!!!






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Guest pelmetman

There's a pub at South Reston called the Wagon and Horses which has a campsite behind it, food is not a la carte, but its reasonable pub grub, we go there because they let the dog in :D




And there's a large garden centre a few miles down the road at Woodthorpe where you can spend loads more dosh ;-)


PS forgot to mention Louth is well worth a visit, a proper old fashioned town ;-)

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You can wild camp in the car park at chapel point, chapel St leonards. Really quiet appart from maybe a beach fisherman or two, and it's free out of season.
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