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cab drafts


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Hi Glen and welcome to the madhouse. This is a common issue with all Peugeot/Fiat based cabs and is easily overcome.


Tape up the slots in each cab door under the lock mechanism.


Tape over the ventilation holes in each cab door inner panel.


Insert foam plastic around the retracting seat belts where they disappear into the floor by the door frame.


Check that the rubber door seals touch the door all the way round and if not peel the gasket off and with a block of wood and hammer bend the flange outwards a little to close the gap.


Switch the heater vent control to recycle to stop wind blowing straight through.


Some might say that reducing ventilation will corrode the doors from the inside but they don't have to live with the draught - and that little lot will cost nowt and solve most of your problems.

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My Euro 4 Ducato also does not have the door slots but it does have holes in the door trim just below the level of the door pocket which do let the draught in!


Perhaps I should have said, but I mentioned the door slots just in case the 2007 registered Nuevo was an old model cab - and for the benefit of older van owners who may suffer from the same excess wind syndrome!

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