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Burstner t680 motorhome.


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Hope someone can help with a problem,the van is on the Renault chassis with a 3 litre dci 140 engine.

The problem is the stop serve, handbrake, and abs warning lights do not go out when the engine is

started, the van drives normally but occasionally will go into limp mode, but switching the engine off for 3 minutes cures this.

I look forward to help and advice.

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It's stating the obvious perhaps, but an 'electronics' problem like yours will almost certainly demand professional attention. You could (I guess) disconnect, clean and reconnect every electrical connection in your motorhome's wiring that's likely to contribute to the scenario you've described and hope that does somehing magical, but, if a sensor (or the ECU) has become faulty, replacement will be required.


This Renault forum thread may be relevant



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