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Thank you to the couple in the Hobby October 2005


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Last October my partner and myself spent a lovely 5 weeks travelling around Spain and Portugal in a tent. Whilst staying at a site in Portugal just outside Faro we had the pleasure of meeting a very nice couple who had a Hobby motorhome. Unfortunately I can not remember the model or even their names but I do remember that they purchased their Hobby in Germany. However, I would just like to take the opportunity to say thank you to them. Not only did they allow us to have a look inside their beautiful home but also gave us a copy of MMM (which came highly recommended especially this forum). Since then we have bought every issue and we are now looking at buying our first Motorhome later this year. We are still going through the scary process of trying to work out which model/layout etc would be best for us. However, we have after much discussions decided on a U shaped lounge. So, we are going down the right road I think. Anyway, thank you again to the couple in the Hobby, many thanks for your time and consideration and I hope we have the pleasure of meeting you again on the road.
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