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2013 silverstone formula 1


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Have just booked 3 day tickets for the 2013 Formula 1 at Silverstone.


Has anybody actually taken their motorhome there ?


If so which site have you stayed on and how was it.


Not worried about hook ups and toilets, just a secure pitch and not rammed in amongst

tents etc.





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Hi Andy,


I have taken my van to Silverstone for the last 4 years, really enjoy it ,but at times and like last year the weather can have a massive effect on how well things go.


Last year we had to be towed on and off but they are geared up for it and looked after us pretty well.


We stay at the Whittlebury Golf Club. They have acres of space turned over for camping for the weekend, you literally camp on the course! It is a bit cramped though and you takes yours choice as you see fit. You could be next to a caravan, tent etc. You are allocated a pitch 7m x 6m, if you don't fit in it then you need to buy 2 pitches


Its pot luck who you get pitched next to, some places can be a bit noisy, but we have never had any issues.


There are toilets and showers in the club house you can use but they get hammered as there are so many people there. Electric hook ups are scarce and expensive. There are a number of bars etc and they do food 'tll late if you want it. Most seam to BBQ etc.


The main reason we stay there is that you can walk into the back entrance of the circuit so the van stays put all weekend and you can have a drink etc. The roads get pretty chaotic at times so its the best way.


Hope this helps, will hopefully be there myself.





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Hi Andy.

We have not been to the Grand Prix but have been to the Silverstone Classic for the last four or more years and as you may know this is a few weeks after the Grand Prix and a lot cheaper!!

We used to stay at Whittlebury which is a short walk to the entrance at Becketts but at the classic you could exit at the Becketts gate but not enter so had to walk to gate 5 behind the old finish straight. We used to take bikes to save time but it was a bit up and down.Though the golf club at Whittlebury is smart the camping showers etc were tired.

The last two years we have stayed at Woodlands campsite which is close to gate15 at Club corner. The owner has spent a lot of money in the last few years on the infrastructure showers etc now that they have the guarantee of the Grand Prix staying at Silverstone for a number of years.The only snag is that it is a long walk to get to the inside of the circuit and the International Paddock though for the Classic there are free buses travelling round the ringroad. If at Whittlebury you can gain access to the inside via the tunnel but that is at the other end of the circuit fromthe International Paddock.

Overall we prefer the position and facilities of Woodlands though from the pitch markings it is clearly pretty cramped for the Grand Prix.

Let us know if you need any more info.


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Many thanks for taking the time & trouble to reply.


We'll probably go for the golf course due to location and

being equipped to tow.


Our van is 7.2 metres long and should fit on a 6 by 7 pitch

at a slight angle. Any ideas if they'll get the measuring tape



Cheers again



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In the end booked with campingf1.


Total cost £140 for 3 nights.


Prior to booking I checked that they have arrangements in place to tow

m'homes if they get stuck.


M'homes are separate to tents and no extra cost for larger m'homes.


Only downside is that it's a bit further from the circuit.


Bar & catering on site so that suits us fine.


Free showers & toilets on site. Shower in elddis 155 is very good so will

be avoiding queues and using our own.


Total cost for the weekend so far is £470. (330 for tickets 140 camping).





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