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am about to fit an alarm to my Autotrail Cheyenne 2000 but need a wireing diagram would buy a manual but i dont think haynes ever published one and the last time i downloaded a manual for a car from the web it just was so hard to use. dont suppose anyone has one for a ducato 2.8 that i could get a copy of
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A downloadable Ducato workshop manual is advertised here (and has a good review)




It's for 2002-2006 Ducatos, but may still be OK for your 2000 model when it comes to wiring an alarm.


Downloadable manuals (again for 2002-2006 Ducatos) are also offered on the Fiat forum (free, but you'll need to register as a forum member) and (as you've found out) the downloading procedure may be challenging. See






Peter Russek hard-copy manuals are also available for Ducatos and do cover 2000 models




Not sure how useful a Russek manual would be for what you want to do - the last one I bought was 30 years ago.

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