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Wiffy goings on!


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David Willetts (David Linsay Willetts is a British Conservative Party politician and the Minister of State for Universities and Science. He is the Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Havant in Hampshire) gave an interview in the Times last weekend. Speaking about what the government was doing to boost Britain’s scientific standing in the world, Willetts let the cat out of the bag regarding a Tim Yeo MP:-


“A new scientific field known as “synthetic biology”, which finds ways of using specifically-designed bacteria to solve medical and industrial problems, will be handed £50 million of the new money. Mr Willetts said that he had been particularly taken by one company, TMO Renewables, that had designed a micro-organism capable of turning human waste into biofuels.”


Tim Yeo, the man in charge of the Energy and Climate Change select committee, is paid £5,400 per month as chairman of TMO Renewables!!


How convenient!!


His company lobbies the government for funding and Willetts signs off a tranche of taxpayers’ cash for them to turn poo into fuel.


That stinks!!!!!


But I am not surprised this lot are up to their necks in it!


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Dot reckons that when in full fart mode I could power a wind turbine single handed - well not actually using my hand if you know what I mean, whereas some others on here could do so just by the hot air they expel!


If only I could get it into a Gaslow bottle!


Turning the wind in sh-you-know-what into power must make more sense than chucking obscene amounts of money at foreign made wind turbines - perhaps at last we have discovered the ultimate home produced never ending renewable fuel supply!

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