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Parking and base vehicle servicing guide


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As I had sent in a rocmendation for a local garage I have been wondering lately when the above guide was going to arrive with the MMM magazine.

I have just found out that it is now only available on line. I found it using the search facility. It is not easy to find or to read on line and I don't facy printing it out.


Yet another cost saving exercise by MMM. Might as well not bother at all, anyone new to motorhoming, which is when I needed the guide, would not even know it existed let alone find it.


Anyone who wants to have a look the link is below.





Whist I am in winge mode,


The Premier Parks booklet came in this month issue. Why isn't that only available on line.

Maybe it is the money that is made from the cost of staying at the sites, which by the way they fail to tell you in the booklet.


If you are ready for a shock, you can of course go on-line and find out but I wouldn't bother





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If you think that is stupid, how about this?


My firm services vehicles for a number of MMM readers and even though they got us to advertise in the printed version last year, we were not listed because an entry in there is based on recommendations from readers!


Now while i understand that perhaps nobody wanted to recommend us, I doubt that some of the big workshops are there on merit alone!


Winge over.



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