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truma 6002c playing up


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I have a Trumatic 6002 c heater/boiler in my Swift Bel Air. With the control set to 20 degrees it fires up ok and starts to blow warm air from the vents.but either "red lights" or misfires after 5 to 10 minutes. If I turn the temp down to about 17 degrees and restart, it will run ok until it reaches room temp of about 17 degrees and then a solenoid clicks and cuts the burner off and leaves the circulating fan pumping out the warm air until that eventually shuts down. If I then turn the control up to 20 degrees or higher,I hear the burner fan start and the gas solenoid open and then the burner ignites. it runs for varying amounts of time but soon either "redlights" and shuts down or goes into a cycle of solenoid opening/ burner firing/solenoid shutting/ burner shutting down. Anybody out there got any ideas? A point in the right direction would be much appreciated! :-S
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