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Marquis Fire


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I am surprised how many garages etc seem to suffer from fires whether they be motorhome dealers, haulage firms or bus garages. I'm guessing that the risk of fire is greater with vehicles than some other industrial premises although diesel is not that inflammable. I wonder whether there is a sufficient robust system of risk assessment in place. Often we knock the risk and health & safety fraternity but the amount of damage a fire can do to closely parked vehicles is surely not a surprise to anyone. Some of the fires seem to be started by electrical faults in vehicles.


I can't comment on the Marquis fire but from reading reports from other locations, there does seem to be a view that a fire won't happen and the internal control/governance is based more on complacency than risk awareness.


Perhaps I just notice such fires more than others and the risk and occurrence is not that great. And perhaps I am way off the mark. Hmm, I'll just sit and ponder more with my risk managers hat on!

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