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Vets near Grenoble or or Les Deux Alpes


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I wouldn't worry about the English speaking bit :-S you just show them your Pet passport and they know what you want. I would have thought Grenoble is quite a drive from Calais if that is where your coming home vie;

Last year being the first year with the 5 day slot we just looked at the map decided which largish village or town we would try with an Aire went for a walk saw some-one with a dog and asked for Chine Veterinarian Clinique :-D the young lady showed us even though neither of us spoke the same language ! my French is next to nonexistent!!


Just a suggestion just in case you don't get any replies. :-D



this link might help




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crbtaylor - 2013-01-08 6:28 PM


Not there yet we leave this weekend, our daughter is in Les Deux Alpes, and the skiing is very good and lots of sunshine at the moment!


Oh you lucky people :-D have a safe journey and hope you manage to find a Vet, of course you will.

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