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Sky Multiroom


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We have Sky Multiroom for my son at a cost of around £10 per month, every year we go away for two seperate three month spells.

We always switch off everything that is not essential which includes the multiroom.

Every time we arrive back home there is at least one and usually two letters from Sky pointing out that they cannot contact the multiroom box and we have to phone them up to get the card re-activated.

Every time we explain what happens and give them the dates and refuse to leave the box switched on.


Last invoice from Sky the multiroom was billed at the same rate as our original Sky instalation efectively doubleing our bill, I demanded that the extra charge be dropped and a refund made, this they did but then I cancelled our multiroom service.

Today Sky rang to ask why we had cancelled the multiroom so I tyold them and then they offered that if we kept the multiroom then for 6 monthe they would supply the service for free and for the next 6 monthe they would just charge us £2.50 per month.

I pointed out that should we get any more letters from them on this subject then we would have it taken out immediately after the free period was over.


All in all not a bad offer I thought, cannot wait for their next call because I have just cancelled their internet service and gone to BT

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Caddies104 - 2013-01-26 11:09 AM


We gave up Sky a few years ago when we were paying over £45 per month, now use Freeview and Sky Freeview using the Sky card(just asked to have the card on Freeview only) still lots of channels to watch and not paying whilst touring around Europe...very happy!!



Do you take the sky box with you in van? We have a sky box from our days of subscribing, could we use this abroad?

we left Sky due to not being able to get broadband from BT (Bad reception area) Now use Cable, with great broadband speeds

We also turn the Tv off when we go away, which also causes problems when we return, and have to reset it (Virgin)

It appears that the TV suppliers want you to have it on all the time, they don't cater for us fortunate people who can get away for long periods

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