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european insurance cover for scooters/motorbikes


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Does anyone know of an insurance company/broker who offers european cover for scooters/motorbikes? We full time in our motorhome and spend 10 to 11 months a year on the continent, and tow our scooter on a trailer. When I tried to insure the scooter last year, the best cover I could get was for 3 months per visit abroad. The company said I could get cover for another 3 months, but would have to return to the UK if only for a day. When I explained the logistics of full timing, the insurance guy said "Do what everyone else does - take out 12 months UK insurance with 3 months european cover and take a chance when you're abroad"! HELP NEEDED!!! I don't get on the computermabob every day so it may take me a few days to respond to any replies. Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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