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On Board Tank


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Hi everyone, we are new and will have our first caravan end of this month (Adria Action)

This has an on board water tank, so do we just need a hose with attachments for a tap or

do we need an aqua roll as well. Sorry for daft question but we really are green.. . :D

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As mentioned it will depend on how far away the nearest tap is. It also depends on how fast you use the water. Some use it only for washing and have a separate supply for cooking and drinking. As for filling it many people, including motorhome owners just use a watering can and top up daily. However, do check if the tank gauge is accurate as you do not want to run out of water if the 'boss' is in the shower with wet hair.


If you do use a hose try to get food grade hose, it is usually coloured blue and steralise everything regularly with Milton tablets or similar.


Also check if you need to empty the tank before driving away as water is heavy. 1 litre equals 1 kilo.

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Our c'van has both - in the summer we use the external aquaroll's as it is easier. In the winter we use the internal tank filled from the aquaroll by a pump on a tube that simply drops into the aqua roll, the hose bit goes in the internal tank filler tube and the electrical connection plugged into the external socket.


We find that in cold weather having the "cold" water at closer to room temperature gives a longer hotter shower than if your "cold" water is sourced from an external aquaroll where the temp is close to or below freezing!!


Do you have one of these external sockets?


If so you can get one of these pumps from Towsure




You would need to get the electric socket fitted - but I would be surprised if you already have internal tanks that you do not have a pump system of some sort with the c'van. You may want to check all the cupboards before buying anything!!


I also use mine with an extension hose to wash down the c'van when on site.


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