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AutoSleepers bodywork parts

the crumblies

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Guest pelmetman

You'll probably be able to have it repaired rather than replaced ;-).................


I used P&K panel works in Poole, (they're behind Sunseekers who also use them on their yachts) for my cab and they did a cracking job, there was also a Autosleeper waiting to go in for work :D

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the crumblies - 2013-02-15 5:57 PM


Evening all, I've just been careless and cracked the fibreglass rear valance (the bit that looks like a bumper) on my '07 AS Nuevo EK. Apart from AS themselves, does anyone know of a supplier for body parts?


In hope..... :-S


Any decent car body shop can fix that as working with GRP is in many ways easier than working with steel and it is certainly easier for the amateur to get a good surface on GRP than it is on steel. Respraying as there is a defined border is also easier and easier means cheaper usually.


Drive round a few body shops and ask and no doubt they will be happy to oblige or will know of another who will - an offer of cash often works wonders on a small job like this too.


Alternatively a boat repair yard or marina workshop can do it but will probably charge you more.


Anyway don't worry, annoying as it is it is no big deal and is easy to fix by those who know how!!

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Thank you both, sound pragmatic advice. I know where you mean, I'll go round there next week.

It's so embarrassing, I'm supposed to be a good driver, having driven incident-free all over Europe in various vans since the early 70's, but I still managed to clobber the neighbour's gatepost. Also infuriating, as I've got a big steel PWS bar on the back, but I managed to get the gatepost past the bar and into the end of the valance. Grrrrr. According to the chap who watched me do it (and said nothing), it's all because of the overhang. Not the hangover. (lol)


Cheers both.

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