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Vehicle recalls 2013

donna miller

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This list was emailed to me by VOSA, latest recall includes the Boxer for possible handbrake failure...


Vehicle recalls



Vehicle recalls for January 2013 are included in the list below. For further information on any of these recalls, visit our recalls database or contact your local dealership.




VOSA Reference Number

Make and Model




Iveco – Stralis and Trakker

Braking efficiency may be compromised



Iveco – Stralis and Trakker

Frame retaining screws may be incorrectly torqued



Peugeot – 3008 and 5008

Rear brake calliper mounting bolt could work loose



Mercedes Benz – C class and E Class

Engine may cut out



Peugeot – Boxer III

Handbrake may not perform correctly



Isuzu Truck – F Series

Compressor may leak



MG Motor – MGTF

Rear suspension may fail



Neoplan – Cityliner, Euroliner, Starliner and Skyliner

Directional control could be compromised



Daihatsu – Gran Move

Airbag may deploy without warning



Citroen – Nemo

Braking assistance may be reduced



Mercedes Benz – E Class Coupe

Airbag may not deploy correctly



MAN Truck – TGM

Directional control may be lost



CPI – SM125

Possible loss of control



Honda Power Equipment – ATV – TRX

Suspension may fail



Jack Barclay Ltd – King pin RRF – 5373SANF

King pin may shear

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Having looked on the VOSA link that Donna put on the Hints and Tips section, I find that I have a couple of the faults listed on my 2003 Fiat. The VIN number tells me that my Ducato is one of the 'dicky' ones.

The throttle jams open  occasionally and I also have excessive travel on the brake pedal. Happily, they don't occur simultaneously.....as yet.

I've bled the brakes and changed the fluid, but the excessive travel is still there. I didn't realise that there had been a recall about the problems.

The question is... am I too late to get the faults rectified? 

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For the Info of Bob B.


As these items are safety related the manufacturer will via the DVLA in theory be contacting you in due course.


In practice because motor caravans sometime sit for prolonged periods on dealers forecourts they get missed. Contact your local base vehicle dealer who can establish from the VIN if yours needs work. As far as I am aware there is no time limit on recalls.



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bob b,

just to give you further information and to arm you a bit for when you go to the dealer there have been various recalls not all listed on VOSA so presumambly you have missed them as well.


The accelerator pedal one is the plastic stop on the foor below the pedal is too small a diameter, from memory about an inch diameter. The pedal can jam down the side of this plastic washer. The cure is a larger diameter washer which is about 2 inches diameter. Make sure they fit the plastic plug back over the bolt in the centre, although not the end of the world if they do not, but they should fit it again. (Campaign 4722)


Brakes - loss of fluid and excess travel. Your brake travel is probably not related to this recall as it imvolved loss of fluid. The front brake hose can chaff on the inner arch flange, and there should be two bushes/spacers fitted to one of the hoses, Canot remember if it is the top or bottom one, on both sides. Think it is the top one. Anyway you can check and look to see if one of the hoses has two spacers. Your MOT inspection would have checked these hoses for wear so presumably in your case not a problem but should be rectified with the spacers. (Campaign 4852).


Hand brake. There were some 2003 models where the adjustment was wrong, the test is how far up the handbrake travels. (This may also be ralated to excess travel of the brake pedal)


Thats the safety recalls. There was also a recall for the routing and clipping of vacuum pipes on the engine ( it may only be 2.0jtd's which were affected. Anyway some twit in the factory did not clip the pipes into their respective clips. (campaign 4705A)


The Fuel water sensor lead to the sensor on the bottom of the fuel filter can get water ingress and give a false alert. It is replaced with a new sensor and integral lead. (Campaign 4521).


Water running down the screen and dripping into the scuttle area can drip down the mounting plate fo the ECR control valves, in doing so it can run into the air filter intakes for the valves. The air intake filters and hose assemblies are replaced with new ones and positioned in a different place. My silly dealer positioned them back in same place not fixing the problem, I moved to correct positions where they are clear of the back plate. To access this area you take off the plastic cover at top centre of engine bay over the control solenoids. (Campaign 5141)


From memory there is another one involving a hose which is close to the auxilliary drive belt and may be chaffed by it. It requires a new bracket to hold the hose clear. Power steering hose I think.


Something else for you to check which was not subject to a racal or campaign was a loose battery mounting tray, the two rear nuts which tighten the plate onto a couple of studs may not be fully tightened down due to paint on the studs. Easy to check if your battrey try can be wobbles about when you try shake it.


If you have a two litre engine check the bracket which extends from the oil dip stick tube and sticks forward to locate a cable harness...it breaks off with vibration and ends up down at the starter motor. If it is broken off, remove and tie the harness with some padding material to something else...I think the plate whoch holds teh diesel injection pipes is suitable. |DO put some foam or rubber round teh cables though....or check the garage does an duse a large tiewrap.


Thats all I can think of at the moment. But is a timely reminder if anyone gets servicing done at non dealers then still phone the dealer to check for recall campaigns and get your service book stamped they have been carried out and either you or the garage write in a very brief description.


edit - corrected some typos...do I have to check it all again.??? Excuse any typos please.

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