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Gaslow regulator problem


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We are in Southern Spain, Cabo de Gata and are experiencing gummed up regulator syndrome. The good lady wife doesn't like waiting for half and hour for her cup of tea in the morning! Doesn't anyone know of anyone nearby who could help us with a replacement regulator? Thanks in anticipation.
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I would have thought the people in charge of the Cabo de Gata campsite should be able to tell you where the local caravan/motorhome dealers are located.


Gaslow has marketed two bulkhead-mounted 30mbar regulators and both types are shown on the following webpage.




The more recent Clesse-manufactured regulator (supposedly almost immune to 'gumming up') is shown in the top two photos, with the earlier Cavagna-manufactured regulator pictured in the third photo.


Truma dominates the European gas-regulator market, so you may find it difficult to source locally a direct replacement for your failed regulator (particularly if it's the Clesse-made one). If that proves to be the case, the simplest course of action may involve adapting your motorhome's gas system to accept whatever regulator is available.


You'd be best to take professional advice on this as the best way forward would depend on your motorhome's present gas system, how long you are going to remain abroad, whether you will stay in Spain, whether you will be travelling a lot or be staying for long periods on campsites, etc. For example, if you were staying at Cabo de Gata for the next couple of months, it might be practicable to adapt your motorhome's gas system temporarily to use a Spanish gas bottle with an on-bottle regulator and reinstate the system properly when you returned to the UK. But, if you will be wandering all over Europe, that would not be a viable solution.


If you can't find the right regulator in Spain, I guess you might try asking Gaslow to send you one.

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