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Auto Clutch


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Hi all, after having an operation for a new hip that did not go to plan, I am now left with drop foot. It is looking like the only way I will be able to drive the motorhome is to have an auto clutch fitted or buy a new van.

Just wondering if anyone has heard of these people or even had an auto clutch fitted by them.



thanks Keith (sooty)

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This one should be OK :-




I had a test drive with one a few years back at TB Turbo. Lancaster before they closed down.


It was OK when the Test Vehicle was empty however when it was full loaded it was a

totally different story and became quite hard work to use.


I would recommend a good long and loaded test drive for anyone thinking about it.

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When we purchased our motorhome was fitted with a a 'Click and Go' auto clutch. I don't use it in normal driving but find it very useful if in slow moving, stop and go situations such as traffic jams.


For any one with problems it is ideal. The only reason I don't use it all the time is the fact it takes a bit of getting used to co-ordinating the gear changes.



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Interesting, not sure I'd get used to it.


We've now got a semi-auto Smart car which is great, but to shift up gear it's just a matter of a simple tap of the lever forwards, to shift down, if you want to do it yourself you simply tap it backwards, or it does it will automatically shift down depending on the speed your doing.


I don't know if I could 'remember' how to use another type (what with the normal car too!).


George - welcome to the forum by the way! :-D

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This link will access the webpage sooty10 waished to refer to (The final 'dot' on the original link caused the problem.)




The system is also advertised here:




There has been previous Autoclutch-related forum discussion, though not for a while:




There are other possibilities.



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Thanks for your replies, Wooie I understand you recommending a long test drive in a fully loaded van but think this would be very hard to organize. As I don't seem to have much of an option I think it looks like I will have to decide on the one that looks best. The only other thing would be to buy an automatic motorhome and as we have not had our present one very long I don't that is the option. If things go to plan I hope to have recovered and be able to drive normally. Thanks also to Derek for letting me know why my link did not work and also for the other links. The one I mentioned in my first post is only about 20 miles from home and also give a 3 year warranty so they are looking good so far.


Thanks again and I will keep looking.


Keith (sooty)

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The Lion auto clutch looks the same as fitted to my motorhome.


When I first used it it was like learning to drive again when I used to make jerky gear changes . If I used it more with practice the co-ordination between finger and right foot would be perfected.


When in slow moving heavy traffic my left leg starts to ache operating the clutch frequently and I find the auto clutch a god send. When on an open road I forget about it and automatically use my left foot again so switch off the auto clutch.


I don't find the auto clutch any difference fully loaded or light.



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