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Transit wheel trims


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I carelessly wrecked a wheel trim on my 1999 Transit based Autosleper in an argument with a rock in Germany last year. Ford no longer produce this design and I wonder whether anyone has a spare that they could let me have. Alternatively can you put me in touch with an on-line source. I have tried the local breakers yards but without success.



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Two easy options maybe:


1. Just take off the other three trims (they don't do anything functionally, other than add a bit of weight, encourage your wheels to rust (as you never clean the wheels when the trims are on), and make the wheel bearings run hotter, as there is less airflow to dissipate the heat.

Then clean up and/or paint the steel wheels with something like Hammerite, of which there are now loads of different colours, and smooth and gloss finishes too.

If you paint them in the Hammerite "Satin" finish, colour "dark grey", I reckon they look very good, and afterwards all future road crud/brake dust dirt etc hardly shows. (Obviously, taking each wheel off to clean and then pint whilst it is horizontal gives a better result. Just don't paint the little actual indents where the wheel bolt shoulders fit against the wheel).


2. Go to Halfords, or look/buy on ebay, and buy TWO cheapo sets of 4 clip on aftermarket plastic trims for your diameter of wheel.

Attach each of them with a couple of zip ties at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions on the wheel, to stop them falling off.

I say buy TWO cheapo sets, as sooner or later you'll crunch one of more of them against a kerb etc, and thus you've got 4 spares to replace them with....or 4 brand new ones to put on the van if you're selling it.


Some examples which might help:







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Here's an even more cheapskate method than Bruce's:

buy ONE set of Halfords cheapest, and put two of them on one side, leave two of your originals on the other. It's physically impossible EVER to see both sides at once (unless you count shop-window reflections), and you've got spares for both sides.

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Like Tony I have long advocated the concept of non matching wheel trims on each side. It first occured to me after one went missing and I found a pack of three near identical trims at my local recycling centre. Wonderfull I now had a tidy van with a spare for each side.


My present van only has small hub caps but I respayed the wheels with a bright silver aerosol a couple of years ago ( £1 a can at a closing down sale) and they still look good..


I am still only on my second camper van after 15 years and 100,000+ miles.


Good name for a new motorcaravanning group "The cheapskaters"

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